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Billboard (U.S.)- Sept. 25 1995
Rock Tracks
The Inbreds- Any Sense of Time
Producer- Dave Clark
Writers- The Inbreds
Publisher- Not Listed
Tag 92606 (CD cut)
The first emphasis cut from this Canadian band's "Kombinator" collection
is a simple but sharply worded take on a lazy, dead-end relationship.  Executed
with a spare attack of drums and feedback-riddled bass, the track is grounded
by Mike O'Neill's sullen vocal- which is occasionally reminiscent of Michael Stipe.
Armed with an unusual, but accessible sound and a killer hook, this should be an
unquestionably easy addition to most modern rock stations.

This article is from 1995 in London, England, where Melody Maker gave the Inbreds their
unique stamp of approval.

"I met my first celebrity when I was nine. I asked for his autograph.  'Bugger off, kid, I'm busy', he drawled, rmoved his mask and began chatting up the blonde next to him at the bar.  I never saw Mickey Mouse quite the same way again after that trip to Disneyworld. 
I felt the same way after interviewing the Inbreds, which is ironic given that their 'He Never' is about dissillusioinment with your heroes: "He's turning out to be a person just like me/ he's not quite as self assured as he seems."  The current 'You Will Know' EP is the closest any band has come to emulating the smudged dream speech of R.E.M. circa 'Reckoning', and I'd attributed their distinctive sound to the fact that they compose songs on drums and bass (with fuzz pedal) alone.  But this it seems isn't a deliberate ploy;
'We kept trying to get a band together, but it wasn't happening, and we found a way of doing things on our own.  But I can imagine a time when we feel constrained by the current arrangement and recruit a guitarist.'  This,  I fear, may transform them into just another lo-fi outfit.   Get 'em while they're hot."

This is a classic article from around 1993 in Kingston.  We had just done our very first "PF Night" to showcase all of the band's on our independent label, PF Records.  You had to be there.