The Dumpster

Please consider this page a dumping ground for all various bits and pieces from the old Inbreds websites that need a home. Jump right in and enjoy!

  1995 Tag Records Poster

2010 Kingston Skeleton Park Reunion Show Poster

1992 Original "You darn foul dog, I said sit!' Sketch

The "Inbreds Morph" .gif

Playing in Kingston around 1993

Opening the first box of our first CD in Kingston 1993

 Filming the video for Prince in Kingston

 Vintage Poster

 Vintage Poster

  Vintage Poster

Vintage Poster

Sydney or the Bush CD Album Art

 Sydney or the Bush CD Album Art

 Tag Records Photo 1995

Recording at the Gas Station in 1994

Mike and Brother Joe with the real Prince

High school Dave after a Slurpee

Young Mike - "Farmboy"

Young Dave pulling a shift at Burger King

Our high school band - The Fresh Steaming Terds